Blue ribbon

Localization: Helsinky
Year: 2009
Project Team: Francesco Colarossi, Luisa Saracino, Paolo Colarossi, Nicola Bartoccelli

International Competition: GREAT HELSINKI VISION 2050 – SELECTED PROJECT

Our concept is about the future of Helsinki, putting mail importance on the design of its empty spaces. The expansion of the city does not follow the radiocentric directions of existing infrastructures. The project extends a ribbon, a sort of light structure that makes happen the development and thechange. Like a new sign on the virgin land, the plan offers the lines and the areas of the urban transformation, taking away others.

As an asaptable ring, the ribbon establish indipendent relations in between the center of Helsinki and the main points of density of the Great Helsinki territory. It goes through, over and uses the mail directions of existing infrastructures. It causes and prepares the change in the area of the future development.

The ribbo plan defines the new settled constellation ofthe Helsinki landscape at year 2050, and describes a cultural landscape, built and marked by the human intervention.