Localization: Tampere – FINLAND
Year: 2020
Project Team: Francesco Colarossi, Sharon Anna Somma, Maria Dominijanni, Juliette Antoni

Architectural Competition for the Sara Hildén Art Museum

The centrality of the competition area offers the opportunity to create a museum that is above all a space designed to develop the social and cultural experience for the city of Tampere; a “cultural gallery” around which exhibition, study, research and socialization activities take place. The concept for the new Sara Hilden Art Museum building stems from the desire to strengthen the relationship between the Wilhelm von Nottbeck Park and the Finlyson building: we therefore decided to emphasize his permeability, imagining a foyer that has the function of passage and connection between these two emergencies.

The foyer develops at full height, crossing the building from north to south, and perceptually creating a transparent fault that connects the two parts of the city visually and functionally.
The new Museum consist of an element that responds simultaneously to the architectural and functional needs of the Museum and to the needs of the city’s urban mending.

Ideally, the foyer does not end inside the building, but broades outside, crossing Fynlaisoninkatu street and taking the shape of a public square.

The goal of the new Museum is to offer visitors and the citizens of Tampere an experiential journey based on three main actions: crossing (= experience), welcoming (= embrace) and reinterpreting (= assimilate).The new Sara Hildén Art  Museum completes the urban structure of the city of Tampere becoming the new junction point of the existing cultural system.