Localization: Cisterna di Latina
Year: 2012-2015
Project Team: Francesco Colarossi (Team manager), Luisa Saracino, Paolo Colarossi

Project and building mission for two Energy Parking – Public Client

“To provide shelter while producing energy from the sun has always been a privilege of trees. Our reinterpretation is intended as a tribute to nature”


Tapping is designed to provide a higher level of transparency compared to traditional photovoltaic panels. This feature is given by the elements of the package: two glass covers 3 mm thick enclosing a film of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, spaced out in order to allow sunlight to shine through them. Size and materials of the components guarantee high levels of transparency and lightness, and also provide an aptitude for replication in modular structures.

The installation of modules is achieved through a system of “spider-like” joints, similar to those used in structural glazing panels, which support and direct the photovoltaic panel towards the best exposure to sunlight.

This modulated tapping can be installed on plane surfaces as canopies and flat roofs, reducing the landscape impact of the intervention thanks to the transparency and lightness features mentioned above.

Therefore, the photovoltaic panel becomes a pleasant element of street furniture that could be replicated and connected to the structure with a canopy function, exemplified in the submitted project.

The designed set-up system allows the installation of panels upon a secondary beam frame that could be made out of laminated wood.

The subsequent layer consists of a double bored panelling that shields the set-up system, and which could be made of light wood.

This very last layer shields the panels during the day without darkening and creating a natural effect of light and shadows along the path, while during the night an appropriate lighting system made of flexible neon lamps provides the opportunity to have a suggestive walk along the mole.

The resulted effect is that of walking under a shining carpet of leaves.